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A Description of Viscose Fabric Types 

Maeve Fanning

I’ve made a few videos to describe the different types of Viscose Fabrics we stock in the shop. There’s some confusion about what Viscose is and I hope I can clear up some of the questions you might have about it.

Woven Viscose Fabric

Viscose is man made fabric and is also known as Rayon. It is manufactured from regenerated cellulose fibre and the raw material for viscose is cellulose, derived mainly from wood pulp (trees are 50% cellulose), which is broken down either mechanically or chemically and reformed into fibres.  Viscose takes its name from the viscous liquid, which has a similar colour and fluidity of honey, that is formed midway through the manufacturing process. it was patented in the 1920’s and was known as artificial silk as it can look like silk.


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Viscose Jersey

Viscose Jersey is the knitted version of this material and usually includes a small amount of Lycra. It is lighter in weight / thinner than Cotton jersey and drapes wonderfully.


Used For: T shirts, tops, Dresses, trousers, jackets, cardigans and skirts. Perfect for smart office wear.

Insider tip: Sew it up like cotton jersey – Use a ballpoint needle and a small zigzag stitch on your regular sewing machine. Use an overlocker/serger if you have one but not essential.

Weights: Our Luxury Viscose jersey is a hefty 250g/m2 while the printed viscose jersey we stock are generally 200g/m2




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Have a lovely week – hope you get some sewing done


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