Dress Fabrics Guest Blogger: Amanda

Sewing for my Baby


Hi, it’s Amanda from Deriving Mommyhood here to share some amazing linen that Maeve has available  (NB this particular fabric has sold out but we have lots of other lovely linens– Maeve).  She sent me some with a classic baby look in mind, and I’ve been on a sewing for baby kick so it was perfect.

                I first started garment sewing when my first daughter was a baby. I, like many other new moms of baby girls, wanted to dress her up in all the sweet little girl looks I could. I also have two boys however, and as all three aged I found myself sewing less and less ruffled girl looks and more and more t shirts and shorts and similar.

                Enter baby number four and I’m getting back to my roots! Lots of sweet baby dresses and bows!

                This linen is absolutely stunning for an heirloom quality sew. It has such vibrant colors that make it slightly more modern, and nearly every color of pink and purple to coordinate with solid fabrics, plus a deep olive green to ground it all. It sews up so nicely like you’d expect linen to, presses nicely and holds it shape well. The viscose it’s blended with makes it just a touch softer and slightly less prone to wrinkling. I lined with basic crisp white cotton, also from Dress Fabrics. And these adorable buttons make it just a little more whimsical with the polka dots.

                I used a Little Lizard King pattern, the Albany. I use their patterns a lot for her because it’s a lot of sweet vintage looks.

                Hope you enjoyed your dose of sweet baby today! I can’t wait to use every tiny scrap of this linen to make as many looks for her as I can!!

Amanda’s sewing history

I grew up with my mom sewing and enjoyed watching her create, I started dabbling in sewing in college but really got serious when I became a mom myself. I followed a lot of bloggers and taught myself, and now am glad to have a hobby I still can share with mom. After my kids came I left my job teaching math and I realized as a stay at home mom that there’s little evidence at the end of the day to show how hard I worked….houses are cleaned and quickly dirtied, meals are eaten and often forgotten… but a garment stays made! I enjoy my creative outlet tremendously!

Thanks Amanda for another great post.


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