Red Melton Wool Mix Fabric


€24 per metre

Red Melton Wool Mix Fabric

60% Wool & 40% Viscose.

This Fabric  is suitable for making coats, suits, skirts, jackets, capes, hats etc.

A high quality fabric that will make a lovely classical or statement winter coat. Our dobby linings in Grey Haze will coordinate really well with this fabric. We have interlining suitable for coats here also.

The colour on the screen is as close to the actual colour as we can get. If in any doubt please order a sample. State product code below (SKU code).

Minimum order quantity 0.5 metre.

Fabric is sold by the half metre – to order more than 0.5 m put 2 in quantity box for 1 m, 3 for 1.5m, 4 for 2 m etc..

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Charcoal Melton Wool Mix Fabric

Grey Boiled Wool Fabric composed of 100% wool:

Melton cloth is traditionally made of wool and is woven in a twill form. It is thick, due to having been well fulled, which gives it a felt-like smooth surface. It is napped and very closely sheared. Meltons are similar to Mackinaw cloth. It is a very solid cloth in which the twill weave pattern is completely concealed due to the finishing processes. Because of its dense, quasi-felted texture it frays minimally or not at all. It is hard wearing and wind and weather resistant. Its main use is for heavy outer garments and coats and for blankets. In lighter weights melton cloth is traditionally used for lining the underside of jacket collars.[1] It was developed in the Leicestershire town of Melton Mowbray, from which it derives its name.[2]This town is the traditional centre of English fox-hunting, and black and scarlet hunting coats are traditionally made from melton cloth, due to its weatherproof qualities. In England not only is melton used for the scarlet hunting coat, an iconic symbol of the upper-class elite, but it is also used in black for the donkey jacket,[3] an iconic symbol of the working class labouring man. Both uses rely on its weatherproof qualities.[4]

This Charcoal Melton Wool Mix Fabric is suitable for making coats, suits, skirts, jackets, capes, hats etc.

Colour: Charcoal
Approx Width: 147 cm/57 Inches
Approx Weight:  350 g/m2
Type: Melton / Caban Wool
Pattern: Plain
Composition: 60% wool 40% Viscose
Washing Instructions:  DRY CLEAN ONLY

Additional information


80% wool, 20% Polyester




150 cm/59 Inches


coats, jackets, capes, sweaters, cardigans, coatigans, dresses, skirts


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