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This is my first blogg!   I read some of the bloggs on Maeve’s site and it was lovely to read about how many of you learned sewing skills from your Mam.  The only thing I helped my mam sew was the carcase of a chicken with a big darning needle to keep the stuffing in.  I learned dressing making at school, aged 11.  That was the start of fifty years of sewing.  I borrowed my auntie’s Singer sewing machine until I bought my first sewing machine, a Husqvarna.  I sewed most of my own clothes until I got married.  When my daughter was born I started to think up ideas to start my own business.  What I came up with was based on my hobby, sewing, I started making roller blinds.  It took a few years to pluck up the courage to quit my job and become self-employed, but in the end I threw caution to the wind and I became the blinds woman.  I continued some dressmaking, clothes for my daughter, repairs and adjustments.  This year Covid19 restrictions  started me craving a bit of material, so I went on line and found dressfabrics.ie.   I wasn’t sure about shopping on line for fabric, I like to handle material, feel the weigh, the texture – even the smell !  Then I realised that Maeve has a shop as well as an online business and it was only a 15 minute drive from my home (kicking myself – how did I not hear about it ?).  During Covid19, the shop is closed but when it’s open again I will be over.  The online service is very much open which is great.  When I emailed Maeve she advised on materials for my Burda blouse pattern (6326) which I have made twice this year with good results.  The website was so easy to use that even a newbie like me had no problem.  My material and matching thread arrived 20 hours later and I love it.  I have every pattern I ever made, and  just going through them is a trip down memory lane. I wish the size 12 patterns still fitted.  Burda are multi size patterns that keep my secret !   Now I am on a new sewing adventure, and I am really looking forward it.

I know dressfabrics.ie will feature in my sewing from now on. 

Happy sewing,  Bernie

Thanks Bernie for a great  introductory post. I love getting to know my customers.


If you would like to become a guest blogger for us please send me an email at maeve@dressfabrics.ie.












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