Introducing Dress Fabrics Guest Blogger: Grainne

A beautiful Suki Kimono in Crepe Chiffon for a teenager


Hi, Grainne here! I’m going to share my first make as part of the blogging team for Maeve at Dressfabrics.

I consider myself a new sewist, having only started garment sewing in September 2017. Every new project is teaching me so much and I thoroughly enjoy wearing the clothes I have made so far, with a few exceptions… you know how it is… there is always a few “what was I thinking?!” moments lol.

I was so excited when Maeve put a call out for people to guest blog for her, so I am thrilled to be part of the team.


I had been looking around to see if I could find a suitable fabric for a full length Suki Kimono by Helens Closet. I had made one for myself last year and my teenage daughter decided she wanted one! I know, I nearly died of shock too. The hard part with teenage girls and their clothes, well one of the hard parts, is that they know what they want, and they expect it to be executed perfectly or else. So, you can imagine the stress. As I was looking, I found this beautiful Navy Floral Print Crepe Chiffon, which the teenager really liked.

As a new sewist I was a bit nervous about the chiffon part of the fabric, having heard this was tricky to manage. When the fabric arrived the weight and drape of it was lovely. Very floaty and slightly transparent as you would expect from a fabric of this type. Before I pre-washed the fabric I decided to overlock the edges to minimise fraying. This worked a treat and the fabric took just a few short hours to dry.


Then came the scary part, the cutting out. Having done a bit of research I decided to use some spray starch, after testing it on a sample first. I then cut the pattern flat, with a rotary cutter and cutting mat. The fabric seemed to behave fairly well, there was one or two hairy moments when the fabric moved but I was able to readjust it and continue.

I decided to omit the inner waist ties and make the front band run the full length of the kimono. Saving myself from a few of the trickier aspects of the pattern. Of course, these changes were overseen and pre-approved ?


As I stated to sew with the fabric, I noticed that the edges frayed just a bit with handling. I choose to overlock them as I have not quiet mastered French seams, especially on an armhole etc. The overlocker made the inside look really neat and clean. I used *a lot* of pins while sewing and I was delighted that my Pfaff has an integrated walking foot which really helped minimise the shifting of the fabric.

The kimono came together pretty quickly having already sewn it in a cotton ikat and the chiffon type material didn’t cause a lot of issues.

The teenager was happy, but her friends look of disbelief that I had sewn it was the best, I think she even checked for tags ? I also need to mention that my niece took the photos for this post as I was told it would be too awkward if I took them! Lol Thank you Lucy!!

Maeve provided the fabric, thanks Maeve! All opinions are my own.


Grainnes’ Sewing History

When my kids were born I took up knitting and that quickly became an addiction but as they have grown up I haven’t had as much time for sitting 😉 I needed a new faster hobby and a new challange. I think I enjoy learning, that would make my school teachers laugh! I bought a brother sewing machine in argos and started quilting. This caused more tears than joy, the machine just wasn’t suitable. I was then gifted my Pfaff machine for christmas one year and there has been no stopping me! 

Find all of Grainnes amazing sewing projects  on Instagram: @prettyandpinkable

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