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Sewing for my Valentine

 Hi, Amanda from Deriving Mommyhood to share my latest make for my husband!!


Do you have a partner in your life that supports your sewing & crafting habit, but rarely benefits?

Just me?

Well, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the Summit Peak Hoodie for men to change that.  My older children wear their Summit Peaks a lot, so I knew it would be a great hit, and it definitely did not disappoint.


Why do I rarely sew for him? Yeah, there’s usually not that much awe inspiring things to make for men. But let’s be honest, the real reason is that I can whip up a tiny baby outfit from a pdf pattern by printing just a few pages, using a half yard of fabric…for him? SO many pages. SO MUCH FABRIC. Small advantage of the Summit Peak though is that there is colorblocking so I was able to get this out of just ONE METER of the print, and still had enough for a matching one for my little man!

This fabric. It’s multicolour block viscose jersey, found here. The print colors are so vibrant, and it’s a silky lovely feel thanks to the viscose blend. I prewashed when I got it, and have washed a couple times since (thanks to aforementioned little man’s love of throwing things in the laundry despite them not really needing it) and no fading or pilling whatsoever. I worry often with viscose that it could be an issue, but haven’t had it and have taken no special care.

The black is brushed back sweat, perfect for my husband who is always so cold here (did I mention we are from Florida? Land of heat all.the.time?) so he loves how comfy and cozy it is. He did ask that I run it through the wash after making it as his prickly ‘hair’ attracts the lint from construction 😉 It definitely does not shed after, of course.

I love Maeve’s selection of solid cotton terry and jersey—she is always so good to compare prints before I order to get a great match as well! I keep my sample sheet at hand also. This particular petrol viscose print looked amazing with the mint terry as well, but husband was not quite bold enough I suppose.

For the cuffs and bands I used the tubular cotton ribbing. They always hold up so well and have excellent stretch, while the pocket is lined in the print.


The littlest one also got a drawstring from scrap fabric on his. Easy to make, and such a fun and unique touch. The pattern for the bundle of both men and kids is available here, or just for men is here. I have yet to make the women’s one but it’s up next now!! (Affiliate links)

Hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I do! I have already ordered more of both fabrics, as well as the pink viscose to make a family set!!

Amanda’s sewing history

I grew up with my mom sewing and enjoyed watching her create, I started dabbling in sewing in college but really got serious when I became a mom myself. I followed a lot of bloggers and taught myself, and now am glad to have a hobby I still can share with mom. After my kids came I left my job teaching math and I realized as a stay at home mom that there’s little evidence at the end of the day to show how hard I worked….houses are cleaned and quickly dirtied, meals are eaten and often forgotten… but a garment stays made! I enjoy my creative outlet tremendously!


Thanks Amanda for a great post and I will add this pattern to my husbands collection of sweaters – I might even do the family collection.


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