Me Made May 2016 Roundup

Me Made May 2016 Roundup

First week!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll have noticed a lot more selfies of me with the hastags mmmay16, mmm16, memademay16. I explained the concept of memademay in THIS post at the beginning of May. Me Made May 2016 Roundup:

Me Made May 2016 Roundup

Second Week

So how did I fare out?? Well I wore clothes made by me every day of the month as I usually do – after a good 5 years regular sewing nearly all my regular clothes are my own creations. The reason for this is simple – comfort and fit. I have long since gotten rid (recycled & charity shop) of most of my shop bought clothes because once I was filling my wardrobe with my own clothing – I found I was wearing these regularly and the ill fitting RTW clothes were being left on the shelf.

Me Made May 2016 Roundup

Last Two Weeks

So that is my reasons for making my own clothes – comfort and fit down to the undies ;). Of course you also have more control over style and colours etc when you make your own.

A new chapter in this story is beginning tonight when myself and a group of ladies who come to my sewing classes are to start a Pattern Making course. We have found an amazing teacher who is going to take us through a skirt, trousers and finally a dress block. I will keep you informed on our progress and if it all goes well we may run another course again in the autumn as we have had a lot of interest in it.

During the month I only documented new outfits – no one want to see me in my lounge pants and sweatshirts or many days of Morgan Jeans – there were lots earlier in the month. The heatwave that arrived for the last few days gave me an opportunity to pull out a few dresses that languish up on a high shelf and only occasionally see the light of day due to our inclement weather.

Thats enough Navel Gazing for a Thursday Morning, enjoy the weather if you’re Irish – this might be it!!




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