Cotton Jersey Panels

The panels are equivalent to 1M of fabric, the main picture is 1m x 58 cm and the rest of the panel is a coordinating print in a smaller scale. It will look great as t shirts, dresses – you can use the smaller print for leggings etc..

It is the perfect fabrics for making t-shirts, leggings, dresses, adults, children’s and baby clothes as well as sportswear.

Single Cotton Jersey is a comfortable and close fitting fabric with a flat smooth surface, 200g/m2 in weight.

Washing Instructions:  Washing instructions
Fabric Pre-Treatment Before cutting out your garment, wash and dry in a program you will be likely to use on the finished garment. This will allow any shrinkage to occur so you are not disappointed with the fit of the finished garment. Natural fibres can shrink up to 10%.  If you want to check the fabric first – wash a small sample comparing its dimensions before and after washing & drying.

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