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Sewing a Velvet Dress


Hello fellow creators! I’m Amanda from DerivingMommyhood and I have a fun project to share with you.

When Maeve posted her newest stretch velvets, I immediately fell in love with the plum colorway. I mean, they are all gorgeous, but something about that plum had my heart. Unfortunately, as with all nice things to come to my house, my daughter stole it. She is a sucker for velvet and immediately requested a fitted turtleneck dress. Super specific with her taste.

                I used the Hepburn from Patterns for Pirates to create her vision, and was told it was exactly perfect. This is the long-sleeve, midi length, mock turtleneck version.

                Sewing with velvet does take a slight amount of extra care and attention. It starts with cutting of course, always make sure you cut so that the nap is facing the same direction otherwise it might look different colors because of how the light hits it. I like the nap to be smooth going down the body, I’m pretty sure that’s the standard.

                Also, I use ALL of my pattern weights, along with a rotary cutter and mat as velvet can definitely be a little shifty. For the same reason, I use lots of pins and clips while I sew to make sure things do not shift on me. If you have a differential feed on your overlocker or a walking foot for your machine, it’s a good time to break those out.

                Having said all that, it’s really a nice weight velvet and does not behave poorly. I have found that some can be too thin and end up curling up at the edges quite a bit, but this kept it’s shape nicely. Plus it has excellent stretch and recovery.

                Thankfully, it met this little diva’s approval. She feels like a supermodel in it and is very appreciative. What would you make with it? What’s your favorite of the new velvet colorways? And do you have someone stealing your fabric post, too?

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Amanda’s sewing history

I grew up with my mom sewing and enjoyed watching her create, I started dabbling in sewing in college but really got serious when I became a mom myself. I followed a lot of bloggers and taught myself, and now am glad to have a hobby I still can share with mom. After my kids came I left my job teaching math and I realized as a stay at home mom that there’s little evidence at the end of the day to show how hard I worked….houses are cleaned and quickly dirtied, meals are eaten and often forgotten… but a garment stays made! I enjoy my creative outlet tremendously!


Thanks Amanda for another great post. Great tip about taking care to cut in the direction of nap.

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