Who doesn’t love a cosy sweatshirt? The first project I completed with fabric from the shop was using sweatshirt fabrics way back in the summer.

I decided to clothe my children before I made anything for myself – so selfless of me!! I haven’t made much for my boys over the years as they grow out of their clothes so quickly but I’m finding it harder to get clothes to fit them – they are both tall and lean  for their age. Like all boys they live in tracksuits so I looked up sweatshirt and trousers patterns on google and found some great free patterns.

Pdf patterns for kids sweatshirt fabrics:

Shwin and Shwin have loads of free patterns for boys and girls of all ages. They come as pdf so you have to print them out and stick the pages together before cutting out or tracing the size you want to sew. Here’s a link on how to tackle pdf patterns. Once you get the hang of it – it’s a great easy and cheap way to get your hands on sewing patterns for everyone.


I used the sweatshirt fabrics available here in the shop.  These are a couple I made for the boys – I only had one willing model!


Sweatshirt Fabric

Boys sweat shirt

20150727_105922 20150727_105826











Adult Sweatshirts

I got this real cosy fabric just before christmas and once I had my sewing rest over the holidays I made myself a Jasper Sweatshirt. This pattern is designed by Lisa from Paprika Patterns.

 Sweatshirt Fabric2015-12-30 09.46.17

There’s a crossover tutorial recently published and I might try this on my next one.

Photo via Paprika Pattern Website

Photo via Paprika Patterns Website

Lisa has just released a new pattern The Zircon Sweater/ Dress. I’ve made one using these two fabrics (actually wearing it right now). Once I get some decent photos I’ll post it here!



I’ve also made a few tracksuit bottoms for the boys and yoga pants for myself. I cut up an old pair of the older boys tracksuit bottoms and used this as a pattern just adjusting slightly to get a good fit.

For mine I used the Maria Denmark – Laura Lounge Yoga pants pattern a few times over the years and have found it a good fit and a very speedy make. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be on the website any more.

Sweatshirt fabrics

Yoga Pants


Hope you enjoyed this post – I will be ordering more sweatshirt fabrics soon and hope to include a few nice printed versions as well as adding a few more plain colours to our collection.


Have a good week,



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