Summer Sewing at Dress Fabrics

Its summer already!!

Since our sewing classes have finished up for the term I’ve been catching up on sewing some clothing for myself – both to practise the skills I’ve learned at The Grafton Academy and to replenish my wardrobe (since I dont buy any clothes anymore except socks and bras!).

But first a bit of housekeeping – we have expanded the number of ways you can pay for your orders online and by phone. We have added Stripe as a method of credit card payment. Simply choose the option to pay by Stripe and it will prompt you for your card number and usual details. Its a secure way to pay without having a Paypal account.

Previously customers who phoned in an order – had to send a cheque or postal order to pay for their fabrics. However, now thanks to Sum Up we can take credit card details over the phone and securely process the payment so your order can be sent to you straight away.


Sewing projects:

The Jacket.

I’ve has this pattern in my stash for a long time now and apart from looking a the instructions a few times – I never plucked up the courage to give it a lash. I went back to the Grafton Academy for 5 days after easter (one day a week for 5 weeks – they are very flexible like that). I decided to bring the pattern and ask my tutor Anne to help me draft  something similar using my existing jacket block. The hope was that fitting would be straightforward as I was using my block.

So after waiting a while to find the perfect buttons here it is! I’ll write a more detailed post dedicated to the jacket later in the summer.





The Linen trousers:

I made a trousers block back in my last class in January but never got beyond the muslin stage as I didn’t get time. My wardrobe is seriously low in pants in general so when the temperatures started to rise slightly I decided it was time to dust off the trousers block and pick one of our plain 100% linen fabrics. I chose brown as its will go with lots of tops. They are simple trousers – waistband, front pockets and front zip fly. I used the Closet Case Patterns tutorial to do the fly. Its not my best one as I was really winging it but it works. I’ve washed a length of the blue linen to make another pair before the summer is over. Linen is so nice to wear – even when it’s not so warm :(.


The Shirt:

As well as the jacket I made a shirt during my spring session in the Grafton Academy. I used a green butterfly cotton print. It turned out really well. Its got a collar and facing – I like a big flat collar and we managed to draft it and get it right first time. This came together very quick. I didn’t do fancy sleeve plackets – – just straightforward button and binding and cuffs.



 The sleeveless version.

We had a few hot days back in May and it inspired me to make another shirt – without sleeves this time. It works well under a cardigan as well for the normal weather. We got this lovely polka dot cotton in around the same time so I used that.

Its the very same as the green shirt – just without sleeves.






The Tunic

Finally – after having success with the shirt I tried a tunic from the same pattern. I cut it off at the waist and drafted the bottom of it from my dress block. Its very simple – just added a pleat either side of the centre front / back and curved the hem like a shirt. I used the last bit of dark blue chambray left on the roll. We still have it in black and washed blue. The pearl snaps were hanging on the wall of the shop and I thought – sure why not so I ran out to the  shed and got a nice clean hammer and installed the snaps instead of going through all the trouble of buttonholes – I seem to be making a lot of buttons holes recently! They are for jersey fabric but they are working perfectly in my tunic and I’ve been wearing it a lot since I finished it.






Next in the pipeline is a long summer jacket in purple linen. I plan to use the jacket pattern but from the waist down I’ll lengthen it and maybe add pleats -not just sure yet. I have some ideas – the picture I found somewhere online is my inspiration.


I could do with some new tshirts and running leggings. We got some lovely cotton jersey prints in recently and I just love them!! But that’s for a day I need some instant gratification.

Til next time – have a great summer.



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