Hi there,

If you have found this website on your quest for some super stylish fashionable dress fabric to sew up into lovely clothes for you or your family / friends – congratulations, bookmark it and keep checking back.


I hope to have my first fabrics loaded up in the coming months. I will eventually stock cotton, jersey, denim, viscose, shirting and anything else I can source. I am based in the Rep. of Ireland and will be keeping my shipping costs as low as I possibly can so that all you wonderful dressmakers and seamstresses can finally find some nice and different fabrics here. If you are like me – I find it very disheartening to try and find a reasonable choice of fabrics locally. This venture is to try and remedy that a little bit.



Once I have my fabrics up on the website, I will be offering free samples to help you choose your fabrics as sometimes it can be hard to get the ‘feel’ of dress fabric from a computer screen.






If you have any questions in the meantime or any suggestions of what fabrics you would like to see for sale please drop me a line in the comments.


I will keep this blog updated as we progress towards our launch day!!


Till next time,



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